Antique Area Rugs

Collecting antique and vintage area rugs has been a lifelong passion for many and can be a way for individuals to add beautiful accents their home. These hand knotted carpets are either displayed on the floor or on the wall as would an art piece.  Antique Oriental or Persian carpets from the 19th century are coveted by collectors and were made in places like Turkey, North Africa, the Caucasus, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, China and Nepal.  Some vintage rugs can sell for hundreds, thousands or even millions of dollars!  This depends on many factors, including the quality, aesthetic appeal, condition and potential cultural significance of the rug.  Check out the antique paintings page and the cast iron banks page as well.
Check out these vintage Area Rugs that are currently available on eBay.  I appreciate any traffic from these links as I earn a commission when an item is purchased, at no extra cost to you. THANK YOU!!! – Jesse,

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