Antique Sterling Silver Flatware Sets

This popular collectible goes by many names: flatware, silverware, cutlery and more.  Silver flatware made by the master craftsmen in Europe, Great Britain and United States cannot be recreated or paralleled today. There are many different types of flatware that are beautiful and fun to collect and can be made of sterling silver, coin silver, hotel silver or silver plated.  Each contains a different amount of silver.  Some famous makers, as indicated by their hallmark, include Tiffany & Co, Paul Revere, Tetard Freres, Georg Jensen and many more!  Check out the antique stoneware page and the antique bronze sculptures page.
Check out these vintage Sterling Silver Flatware Sets that are currently available on eBay.  I appreciate any traffic from these links as I earn a commission when an item is purchased, at no extra cost to you. THANK YOU!!! – Jesse,

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