Michael Jordan Fleer Rookie Cards

The popularity of the “Last Dance” documentary has made this basketball card reach a fever pitch, but the 1986 Fleer Michael Jordan rookie card has always been the holy grail for many NBA card collectors.  Even if this card is not in Gem Mint condition (PSA 10), it will easily fetch a few thousand dollars.  The high value of this card comes from the fact that it is the scarce rookie card of arguably the greatest NBA player of all time.  The six championships that Jordan won as  a member of the Chicago Bulls made him perpaps the most famous athlete the world has ever known.  Many investment grade Michael Jordan rookie cards have recently sold well north of $50,000.  Check out my T206 Baseball Card page as well.

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Additional Information about the 1986 Michael Jordan Fleer rookie card.  There were other, more obscure Jordan rookie cards issued before 1986 but the Fleer card was the first card distributed to the masses.  The front of the card shows Jordan soaring through the air to complete one of his awe inspiring dunks.  The reverse shows the statistics for his first two NBA campaigns with the Chicago Bulls.  There is also a sticker that was issued by Fleer in 1986 that shows Jordan with his signature tongue out as he dribbles past another NBA player.  These are also very collectible and go for thousands of dollars.