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  • Top 5 antique Weather Vanes

    Top 5 antique Weather Vanes

    All pictures and descriptions courtesy of Live Auctioneers. Collectors who enjoy folk art and weathered patinas on copper and cast zinc love to collect antique weather vanes.  Many were produced in New England and New York  by companies such as J. Howard, A.E. Jewell & Co., J.L. Mott Iron Works and J.W. Fiske.  Some rare […]

  • Antique?  Collectible?  Vintage?  What is it?

    Antique? Collectible? Vintage? What is it?

    Hello everyone and thank your for visiting relicspot.com!  For my first blog post, I wanted to discuss three terms that are often used interchangeably:  antique, collectible and vintage.  I would like get into what each means, how they are different and if there is any overlap.  Let’s go the the dictionary to begin our quest […]

  • Thought For The Day

    Thought For The Day

    This is quote post where you can share all your favorite sayings. The featured image is optional.

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